T.I. Hopeful That His Sister & Maya Angelou Are Having ‘Great Conversations’ In Heaven

Though Precious Harris has sadly passed on, she remains alive in the heart of her brother, T.I., who shared an uplifting message from the late Maya Angelou about never being ‘defeated’ by life.

“Message to the young & ambitious,” T.I., 38, wrote on Feb. 25 while sharing a video of the late Maya Angelou to his Instagram account. In the clip, the poet and civil rights icon related some advice: “I would say, you might encounter many defeats but you must never be defeated. Ever. In fact, it might be necessary to confront defeat. It might be necessary to get over it, all the way through it, and go on. I will teach you to laugh a lot. Laugh a lot — at the silliest things. And be very, very serious.”

Maya’s advice seemed to hit close to home for Tip, especially in the wake of losing his sister, Precious Harris. T.I.’s sister passed away on Feb. 22 at the age of 66, and he apparently found some solace in his own “defeat” in this clip from the late poet. He clearly heard a little of his sister in Maya’s voice, as he wrote, “I bet precious and Maya Angelou [are] having some great conversation!!!”

Before sharing the clip of Maya, Tip actually revealed the last text message Precious sent him – and how it has revitalized his commitment to his three-month boycott of Gucci. After the fashion line released a sweater that looked really like the wearer was in blackface, a furious Tip (as well as Spike Lee and Soulja Boy) in boycotting the band for three months in retaliation for the “racist…disrespect.” The last message Precious sent her brother encouraged her to continue the fight, saying that “all those companies are the same. Y’all rappers started spending [money on them] and they capitalize on it.” Tip, upon sharing the message, said “THIS WHY I’M STAYING ON [Gucci’s] NECK! Cause SHE SAID SO!!!”

Precious “was everything,” her daughter, Kamaya Harris, told HollywoodLife.com. “Can’t even put it in words.” Her mother’s death came nearly two weeks after she was involved in a car accident in Atlanta. After crashing into a pole, Precious suffered an asthma attack triggered by the accident. She was reportedly placed on life support after being rushed to a local hospital but was unresponsive. Ultimately, she would pass away, leaving the entire Harris family devastated. “Anybody that really knows me knows how special & how much I cherish & love this lady, my sister [Precious],” Tameka “Tiny” Harris, T.I.’s wife, wrote. “Pls pray for my sister & family. She’s a true fighter…always have been & God has the last word.”

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