Susanna Reid: GMB host ‘feels fantastic’ as she beats Kim Kardashian to ‘world’s best bum’

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Susanna Reid, 49, was announced to have the “world’s best bum” by her colleague Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. The TV host also beat co-star Laura Tobin to reach the top spot in new research, which takes mathematical proportions into account.

Piers shared: “They have applied this formula to a bunch of famous women and Reid was top along with Amanda Holden.

 “Then [Michelle] Keegan, [Laura] Tobin, [Carol] Vorderman, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and J.Lo and Pippa Middleton, whose only claim to fame is her posterior. 

“All of them have come below Reid and Tobin.”

Dr Hilary Jones then quipped: “As a doctor, I do think this should be peer-reviewed and a second opinion required.”

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“Are you offering, doctor, to do the measuring?” asked Piers.

Dr Hilary cheekily joked: “Absolutely.’’

Piers was keen to know how Susanna felt about her latest accolade.  

He questioned: “Do you feel flattered? Do you feel complimented? 

“Do you feel horrified? Do you feel objectified?”

“I feel like that was definitely a study done pre-lockdown,” Susanna replied. 

 “I’m not complaining. It feels fantastic!”

Dr Riccardo Frati has analysed the bottoms of famous people to find out who had the “golden ratio”.

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The technique was used by the ancient Greeks. 

The doctor noted that according to the mathematics of beauty, the “perfect ratio” for the bottom – waist – breast should be 3:2:3.

It comes as Susanna has spoken out on being put in an “emotionally challenging position” as she worked on a new project for ITV thousands of miles away from her family.

The presenter admitted that working on her ITV documentary Death Row’s Women, that saw her come face to face with child murderer Darlie Routier in a Texas prison, was difficult as she “quietly missed” her boys.

The GMB host shared that it was tough to sit opposite a woman who had “killed her offspring” and she even began to feel “nauseous” about the situation.

Susanna shared: “Darlie isn’t the first murderer I’ve faced, but interacting with a mother who has done the most unnatural thing in the world is one of the most emotionally challenging situations I’ve ever been in for work.

Darlie currently awaits lethal injection after spending 22 years on Death Row in Texas’s Department Of Corrections in Gatesville.

Death Row’s Women With Susanna Reid airs Thursday at 9pm on ITV.

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