Summer Walker Sparks Debate After Saying Racism Should Be Classified as Mental Disorder

The ‘Playing Games’ singer receives mixed responses from people on the internet after she posted and then deleted a post where she seemingly likened racism to psychological disorder.

AceShowbizSummer Walker sparked controversy on the internet over her comment about racism. The “Playing Games” singer suggested racism was mental illness. “I don’t understand how racism isn’t classified as a psychological disorder… like being bi-polar.. so odd,” she wrote in a now-deleted post.

She received mixed reactions, but many of them disagreed with her. “Because there’s a huge difference in biological disorders & learned behavior, Goofball,” one fan scolded the singer. Another gave a similar comment, “You’re not born with or develop racism. You’re taught and further CHOOSE to be racist.” A sarcastic individual wrote, “Sooo she saying a racist needs medication to not be a racist anymore….got it.”

Some others blasted her. “Summer you should’ve sat this one out,” one commented. “Is she slow?” another dissed the R&B star. More similar criticism: “Wtf? That’s basically excusing racism sis…I can’t,” “This is dumb,” “When trying to sound smart goes incredibly wrong,” “Somebody Take Her Phone Away,” and “Google is free you know.”

A few, however, agreed with her. “Oddly I get it,” one claimed. Another explained, “It takes a mental person to hurt someone because of the color of their skin. That’s definitely mental in my opinion.”

More similar comments: “Well she has a point people who are racist swear they aren’t the s**t is sick as f**k,” “I hear her tho cus they way ppl be stuck in their racist ways and how deeply rooted their hate is, it would seem like only medication can manage it,” “I agree cus that s**t is mad weird how you’re treating someone like s**t cus of their race… make it make sense.”

Summer Walker didn’t respond to the controversy. She herself revealed her battle with social anxiety following criticisms over her disappointing meet-and-greet and dry live performances. “I’m a person, I have my feelings,” she said. “I get tired, I get sad and that’s just a lot. So I don’t wanna lose myself for someone else. I wanna give y’all what I can. I’m gonna keep making music and Imma do a few shows but I can’t finish.”

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