Sofia Richie Feels Disrespected By Kourtney Kardashian’s Photos With Scott Disick, Per ‘HL’

Over the past few weeks, Kourtney Kardashian has posted a few photos with her ex, Scott Disick, and Sofia Richie is none too pleased.

A source close to Richie recently chatted with Hollywood Life after Kourtney posted a photo of herself and Disick “co-parenting.” In the photo, Kourtney lays in bed somewhat seductively as Scott is sitting in the background with their daughter Penelope on his lap. Once Richie saw the photo, it really upset her and she is very hurt by it, according to a source.

“Sofia feels disrespected and uncomfortable with Kourtney’s Instagram pics and constant reminders of how close she and Scott remain. Sofia does not like it at all when Kourtney posts pics with Scott.”

The source goes on to dish that Sofia places the blame on both Scott and Kourtney for the images, despite the fact that Kourtney is the one who has been posting them on her Instagram account. Sofia wants Kourt to back off her man and thinks that her posting the photos is both rude and inappropriate.

On the other end, Richie is also mad at Disick and will have a chat with Kourtney about the pictures if she continues to post them on her account. The source also shares that while Sofia admires the fact that Scott is an independent man, she does not like the fact that he doesn’t always consider her feelings before he does things.

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“Uncomfortable is definitely the feelings Sofia is feeling but she is learning to expect it from Scott because to him it’s keeping the peace and he doesn’t always take Sofia’s feelings to heart.”

And, the source also called the whole situation a “slippery slope” because Sofia knows that Kourt will be in Scott’s life forever due to the fact that they share three children, so she wants to make something work so that no party is upset.

Prior to posting a photo of herself lying in bed with Disick and their daughter, Penelope, Kardashian shared another family photo to her Instagram account on Thanksgiving. In the image, Scott, Kourtney, and their three children standing in front of a pool together. The kids are all wearing matching pajamas while Kourtney rocks camo PJs and Scott sports shorts and a long sleeve black T-shirt.

In the caption of the image, Kardashian says that she is thankful that she and her children got to wake up in the same house as her sisters, mother, grandmother, nieces, nephews, and father of her children.

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