‘Shaky and emotional’ Martin Lewis apologises for ‘losing it’ during BBC radio rant

Martin Lewis gives advice on top easy-access accounts

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Martin Lewis, 49, has been passionately campaigning about advertisement scams in the UK today. However, the star admitted he “lost it” during an interview, taking to Twitter to apologise.

Martin is advocating the UK government for legislation on scammers.

Joined by Richard Branson and Deborah Meaden, he has penned a letter in the Online Safety Bill.

This is something Martin is very passionate about after his face has been used multiple times in scam ads.

In a letter to Boris Johnson, Martin and his fellow campaigners wrote: “Scammers’ ability to reach the public must be cut off.

“If you are serious about the concrete commitment you’ve made to deal with online fraud, please, let’s speedily start protecting the victims of scam adverts from the wolves – saving livelihoods and possibly also lives.”

He appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss the issue with Nihal Arthanayake earlier today.

Speaking about this, he gave a lengthy speech about the government’s Online Safety Bill on the radio show.

He shared his frustrations with government inaction after campaigning on this for more than four years.

In particular, he was very angry about the excuse it had not been actioned so far was due to “legal advice”.

He argued that the government has not yet shared what this “legal advice” is.

However, following his appearance on the show, Martin felt compelled to apologise after he “lost it”.

The star wrote: “Sorry for losing it a bit on @bbc5live just now.

“I got a bit shaky and emotional with the frustration of the situation.

“Thanks @TherealNihal for handling it brilliantly.”

Martin’s fans were quick to reassure him over the incident, weighing with their thoughts.

@stillstroppy penned: “Nothing wrong with being emotional.

“It shows empathy, something the current government with their mysterious ‘legal advice’ could do with.”

@Sukki1975 added: “Never apologise for being a caring human being.”

“Raw emotion, is real emotion,” replied @Gidge11.

“As soon as people stop being emotional, that’s when its time to put your guard up.” (sic)

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