‘Selling Sunset’ Star Jason Oppenheim Wants to Own a Gun After Armed Robbery at Office’s Parking Lot

After a man gets threatened with a gun and forced to hand over his luxury watch at The Oppenheim Group office’s parking lot, the real estate mogul forbids his employees to wear any watches.

AceShowbizJason Oppenheim aspires to own a gun. A few hours after an armed robbery occurred at The Oppenheim Group office’s parking lot, the “Selling Sunset” star stated that he wants to protect himself.

After a man was threatened with a gun and forced to hand over his luxury watch in the parking lot shared with his office on Friday, March 18 in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, the 44-year-old president of The Oppenheim Group told TMZ, “I’ve let everyone know of the situation.” He continued, “We still have to work as normal, but we’re not wearing any watches.”

When asked about the possibility of him getting his own gun, the real estate mogul replied, “I went shooting yesterday and yeah, I’m gonna get a gun,” while refusing to get specific about what type of gun he’s going to purchase. “A working gun,” he joked.

Of other precautions he’s going to take, Jason said he and his co-workers are “being careful” and staying on the lookout for danger. “It was very concerning,” the Netflix star added of the crime, “The city’s having a lot of issues right now.”

Jason then recalled the terrifying incident to the outlet. “Some guy came out of the restaurant with his watch on and some guy ran up to him with a gun, made him give him the watch,” the real estate broker shared, “We were walking around the corner when it happened, I think he just drove around the corner.”

Jason also told PEOPLE that he’s “concerned about all of our safety” as “the brazen armed robberies and overall crime in this city has become a serious concern for everyone.” He elaborated further, “In just the last couple of weeks we have dealt with an attempted armed robbery of [Christine Quinn] at her house and now an armed robbery in our parking lot.”

“Several of us, including my brother and I, are feeling it necessary to arm ourselves, as well as increase security at the office,” Jason continued. “I’ve lived in L.A. for most of my life, and never seen it like this. Something needs to be done so [people in L.A.] can feel safe again.”

Earlier this month, Christine went through a terrifying ordeal after “two armed robbers” attempted to break into her home while she and her husband were sleeping. “This was the most horrifying moment of my life when we’re laying in bed and there is two armed men that we’re watching on camera literally four feet from me, and my baby’s sleeping… very close to us, to the right of us,” said the “Selling Sunset” star via Instagram.

“I want people to know to take this very seriously. This stuff does happen in L.A., it’s happening all the time,” she noted. “I don’t know what would’ve happened if they would’ve been able to get through that glass. Because they would’ve reached our bedroom, and they would’ve probably shot us.”

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