See Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Dannielynn Grow Up on the Red Carpet in These Photos

Dannielynn Birkhead, the 14-year-old daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, is the subject of a new 20/20 special in which she will dive into her mom’s past.

The special follows Dannielynn and her dad Larry Birkhead, 48, as they travel to Texas to visit the town where Anna grew up.

Smith passed away in 2007 from an accidental overdose at the age of 39.

Dannielynn‘s a teenager now, and she doesn’t really know a ton of things about her mom,” Larry said in the trailer for the special. “As a dad who has a child whose mom’s passed away, I thought, ‘Why not go back to Anna‘s beginnings?’”

Larry also admitted in the special that he didn’t know a lot about Anna‘s past either.

Every year for the past decade, Dannielynn has joined her father on the red carpet at the Kentucky Derby and some other events. You can see her grow up in the photos here!

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