Samuel L. Jackson Swears in 15 Languages For Get Out the Vote Campaign

Samuel L. Jackson is keeping his word and now teaching Americans how to curse in 15 languages … after fans show him they’ll get out and vote.

The legendary actor dropped a 2-minute video … teaching us how to curse in 15 different languages … after fans showed up and blew past the Voter Action Goal for the #GoodToVote campaign.

Earlier this week, SLJ solicited 2,500 fans minimum to prove their commitment to voting … by registering to vote, checking voter registration rolls, or simply making a plan to vote. And after fans came through … so did Mr. Jackson.

Samuel wastes no time showing fans how to curse in Basque, Vietnamese, Ukrainian and Swahili, among other languages. Samuel — who BTW dropped 40 “motherf*****s in “Shaft” alone — thanked fans for pledging to vote.

Samuel L. has a long history urging people to vote. He told voters to “wake the f*** up” in 2012 in support of Barack Obama. In 2017, during a radio spot, he told fans “Remember what happened the last time people stayed home? We got stuck with Trump.”

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