Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott in stitches as stolen belongings are found dumped

Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott saw the funny side of having their car broken into this week.

The couple were a pair of chuckling detectives as they searched for the belongings a thief acquired and then dumped on the pavement.

The reality TV stars revealed in December that Zara's bag and belongings were stolen after her car window was smashed.

But, justice finally prevailed as her brightly coloured suitcase was found opened on the pavement with the variety of contents lying on the concrete.

Zara, 24 and Sam, 29 documented the hilarious proceedings on Instagram and posted a series of videos talking through the recovery mission.

The post was captioned on the former Love Island star's page, "we got robbed and they didn’t want our stuff", accompanied with three laughing emojis.

The true crime tale begun with Zara stating: "Thief… if you're watching this Please return my pink IT Luggage suitcase that I've had since I was 15. You can keep the contents." The plot then thickened, as the star shared a direct message from a follower who gave some hope about her luggage's safe return.

"Is this your case. Looks like it has been dumped on our road in Fulham", a helpful follower wrote. The excitement in the couple increased and the glorious good news was shared, Zara got her bag back.

Both of the stars were laughing and celebrating in the street. Eyemasks and underwear were on the floor as the thieves clearly decided the goods were not for them.

Fans of the couple were equally in stitches and commented their reactions to the celebrity couple.

One follower shared their similar experiences: "Once had my house broken into, the night before we moved in, they took all our electrical goods and cds but left the fugees behind!"

Another user found the story amusing, writing "Ahahahha this is abs hilarious". Another fan was surprised Sam and Zara found their luggage and commented: "Omg I can’t believe you actually got it back."

Made in Chelsea star Sam is no stranger to posting funny videos online and regularly mimicked the posts of his fitness influencing sister Louise Thompson.

But in an eventful time for the Thompson family, Zara shared a sweet moment of her and boyfriend Sam Thompson receiving the painting they had commissioned for Sam's sister and her fiancé Ryan Libbey ahead of the birth of their first baby.

The work shows a pregnant Louise and Ryan cuddling Louise's baby bump while surrounded by their two dogs.

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