Sam Smith dances in his music video for ‘How Do You Sleep’ and it’s amazing

I know that we’re focused so heavily on Cats, Top Gun and Blue Ivy Carter today, but spare a moment for Sam Smith, because he ALSO dropped a new music video today. Sam released the video for “How Do You Sleep.” I know this isn’t the most popular opinion around here, but I really like Sam Smith. I like his music and I like him as a celebrity/artist. Sam’s music videos are not heavy on Sam’s looks or dance movies or anything like that. Either his videos star actors, or the videos are just Sam in a location, singing to camera, or posing somewhere as he sings. But Sam decided to mix it up for “How Do You Sleep.” He decided to DANCE. He attempted choreography! He hired professional dancers to dance with him. And the result is… great?

Honestly, I love it. I laughed a few times just because it was so cute to see Sam feeling himself as he swishes his hips and does old-school Madonna-esque hand-and-arm choreography. I love that Sam’s costume is basically a sheer Liz Claiborne blouse and early ‘90s trousers. I love how you can see the influences from Madonna and Lady Gaga, and I imagine that Sam’s childhood was full of dreams of being able to perform like this, dance like this, have fun like this. This is my new Friday obsession: watching Sam feel himself. Also, I love the way he looks these days. He looks healthy and like he’s found a way to have a good relationship with food and fitness. The song is great too!

— aubrie ? (@eggs_skittles) July 19, 2019

Photos courtesy of WENN, Sam Smith.

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