Sam Faiers fled awards show after emergency text from her mum about baby son Edward

Former TOWIE star and mum-of-three Sam Faiers has revealed she was forced to leave last week's Pride of Britain Awards earlier than planned.

And no, it wasn't due to an unexpected run-in with voice-note 'frenemy' Ferne McCann!

Speaking in the latest episode of her weekly podcast The Sam and Billie Show – which she records alongside older sister Billie Shepherd, 32 – Sam explained that she had in fact received an alarming text from her mother Suzie Wells, 53, who was babysitting her five-month-old son Edward at the time.

"My night actually got cut short, didn't it?" Sam, 31 – who also shares son Paul, six, and daughter Rosie, four, with long-term partner Paul Knightley – explains. "I actually deep down kind of knew it was going to happen.

"So, we were on a bit of a roll a little while back, and Edward was pretty good with taking my milk from the bottle and I hadn't done it in ages, and I guess partly it's my fault because he's just so used to having boobie.

"I'd expressed milk – had it all ready for mum. Mum took him out for a walk, a nice bath. So, time kind of passed and I got a message from mum."

Giving background to the evening, Sam adds: "I'd sort of done the carpet, sat down, watched a couple of the heroes, and then mum messaged me saying he'd had a little bit of a paddy, and I looked at Paul and I was like, 'Mum would never even text when we're out'.

"Like she just wants us to have a good time and forget about it – enjoy yourself and don't worry, it'll be fine – so, when she text that, I replied and was like, 'Well, just let me know how is he? To what extreme? We can literally leave here and be back at the hotel in 10 minutes because I'm only round the corner'.

"She went, 'I think he's okay for the minute, I'll let you know'. So, what I did was – we'd had dinner and stuff – I waited for the next hero announcement when they go up on the stage for the awards, I waited for that to pass and I just said to Paul, 'Look, I'm gonna go'.

"I just knew mum would never text."

Admitting she felt forced to flee the event out of concern for her son, Sam recalls: "I got back – got straight through the door – and he was obviously asleep in mum's arms. Mum's like, 'Oh he's gone back to sleep'. I said, 'Mum, it doesn't matter'. It was nice enough being out for them few hours, and it honestly didn't bother me at all.

"If anything, I'm just grateful to have woken up, no hangover. It was a shame not to finish off the evening in terms of the awards ceremony because it was amazing, it was so good.

"We had a nice table – like, there were some nice people on our table and stuff – but I was not up for drinks after anyway.

"So, mum was like, 'I feel really bad' and I was like, 'Mum, don't be silly'. I said to her like, it's a breastfed baby, it's so tough."

"Well," Sam's sister Billie laughs along. "I have to admit, mum actually called me!"

"I knew she would have done," Sam giggles.

"She was like, 'I don't know what to do'. She was like, 'He's been crying now for quite a while – I can't settle him'. She was like, 'Have you got any tips?'" Billy explains. "And I was like, 'Mum, I don't know', and I knew mum didn't want to text you but I said to her, 'All you can do is maybe take him out again'.

"She said, 'I've been walking him up and down the corridor."

Sam chimes in again: "And that's the thing. Because when you're in a hotel, mum was like, 'I didn't obviously want to disturb everyone."

"You're in a limited space," Billie agrees. "And then it's so typical that he was asleep when you got home!"


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