‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’: Farrah Moan Trips & Falls & Twitter Is Living For It — ‘This Is So Iconic’

Farrah Moan kicked off the Season 4 premiere of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ with a buttplant on the floor — oh no! See the best fan reactions, here.

Farrah Moan, 25, certainly made a first impression during the Season 4 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars on Dec. 14. The drag queen, who previously competed in Season 9 of the original show, fell straight on the runway after her heel slipped on an outfit. Everyone’s face was the same as RuPaul’s afterwards: a giant O, short for Oh no, she didn’t. Twitter immediately burst into memes and reactions over the catwalk casualty. Watch her burlesque gone wrong below, which landed Farrah in the bottom group of contestants near the episode’s end!

“NEVER DID I THINK ON #AllStars4 THAT I WOULD SEE FARRAH MOAN DO A BURLESQUE NUMBER ONLY TO EAT SH*T HAHAHA,” one of the more merciless fans tweeted. Some likened her tumble to Spongebob slipping on the floor at the Krabby Patty, and Sandra Bullock’s fall in Miss Congeniality. Some fans tried to look at the bright side. “Farrah moan falling was a creative risk that not every girl could take,” another fan tweeted, while another wrote, “We gotta congratulate Farrah moan for not immediately bursting into tears after that fall because I would have.” And then there was one person who likened the fall to his own shortcomings. “Farrah Moan falling during her performance is me when I saw my grades for this semester #AllStars4,” the fan mused.

Unlike Twitter, Farrah didn’t think her fall was a laughing matter. She later cried on Friday’s episode, and Twitter wasn’t amused she resorted back to her “crybaby” claim to fame. Fellow drag queen Monique Heart even told Farrah, “I love you, but your crying annoys me.” Tough love. But as one fan pointed out, “I would cry too if I f***ed up my number.” And that’s the truth.

RuPaul told us that the fourth season “is going to blow. your. mother. tucking. mind.,” and his prediction already came true. Despite the fall, you can’t deny that Farrah looked absolutely gorgeous! As the youngest competitor this season, Farrah — whose real name is Cameron Clayton — should be proud of how far she has come. No viral moment will take away from that!

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