Ross Kemp reveals swollen lips after being stung by wasps

Ross Kemp will be sporting a pair of swollen lips over the next several hours after being stung by wasps.

The former EastEnders actor gave his social media followers a good chuckle on Monday evening, when he shared videos showing just how large his lips had become after the wasp attack. 

Although struggling to enunciate his words, Ross still had his sense of humour and joked: ‘I look like Mick Jagger don’t I? 

‘Well, that’s what happens when you get stung by about three or four wasps in a nasal and lip area. Be careful of those critters, don’t go upsetting them by opening up a loft space without asking their permission first.’ 

Clearly the situation didn’t improve as Ross, 56, later revealed he was at the doctor’s office to receive treatment. 

‘Now being seen by our fantastic NHS, local doctor’s just giving me a hydrocortisone,’ he explained. 

‘Hopefully that’s going to bring it down a bit.’ 

He then attempted to sing The Rolling Stones’ iconic hit (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, but admitted: ‘Ow, it hurts a bit. Nice.’ 

Take it easy, Ross! 

The filmmaker had captioned the videos: ‘You might think I deserve this…when wasps attack,’ and, ‘At the doctors. Love the NHS.’ 

Needless to say, his followers were highly entertained by the episode with one brilliantly quipping: ‘Giving a bit of lip there.’ 

Noting Ross’ reputation as a hardman and documentaries visiting the most dangerous corners of the Earth, another joked: ‘Of all the dangerous things you do and come off without a mark, to this!! Ouch!!!’ 

Also struggling to resist a good laugh, one other follower added: ‘Sorry Ross, hope you’re OK, but I just can’t help it, please get the [clown] wig for a laugh.’ 

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