Rod Stewart opens up on wife Penny Lancaster’s ‘blinding fits of rage’

Penny Lancaster emotional as she discusses menopause

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Rod Stewart has discussed the importance of understanding women’s menopause symptoms as he opened up on his experience with wife Penny Lancaster. The 51-year-old Loose Women star has been open about her journey with the change and how having a supportive family has helped her along the way.

The former model has since gone on to raise awareness with her Penny’s Menopause Mandate campaign.

In a new interview, Rod discussed his experience dealing with his wife’s symptoms.

Speaking to Reader’s Digest, he said: “She would get into blinding fits of rage.

“One night she threw utensils, so me and the boys gave her a hug – and since then she has worked to let people know what it is.

“Men have to understand, and not just go down the pub.”

He went on to joke that he hadn’t experienced a wife with menopausal symptoms before as his “marriages didn’t last that long”.

Rod and Penny tied the knot back in 2008 and share two sons together; Alastiar, 17, and Aiden, 11.

He has six other children from past relationships and has been married twice before.

Penny has previously praised Rod for understanding her though her change.

Speaking on Loose Women last year, the former model revealed that she first started to experience symptoms during lockdown.

At first, Penny said she was “freaked out” at the thought of it ending her sex appeal.

As well as this, the mother-of-two feared having to “say goodbye” to her old self and come to terms with the new Penny.

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But, as time went on, Rod’s wife said she had gone on to “embrace each stage of your life with more maturity”, adding she had to give herself a break from worrying.

She told viewers: “I had a few tears with her [the doctor], trying to explain what I’ve been going through in the last few months and she said, ‘You’ve got to get to the point where you say to yourself, ‘I see you’.”

Penny went on to say she felt she had lost herself during the process, adding: “You feel guilty for being upset.

“You burst into tears and you don’t know why you’re crying.”

Rod’s wife was given medication by her doctor which helped but she claimed it didn’t address “the real problem”.

She has since taken HRT tablets to help balance out her symptoms.

At the time, Penny said she no longer suffers from hot sweats, but still has anxiety and an underactive thyroid gland.

The Loose Women star urged those suffering to speak to their loved ones, as she praised Rod for his support.

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