Rockies Fan Didn't Hurl N-Word During Game, Team Confirms After Investigation

9:31 AM PT — The Rockies have determined a fan DID NOT hurl a disgusting racial slur at Lewis Brinson during Sunday’s game … confirming with the spectator and the local broadcast the man was trying to get the attention of the team’s mascot, “Dinger.”

6:45 AM PT — The Rockies released a statement Sunday night … saying the team is investigating the incident.

“The Colorado Rockies are disgusted at the racial slur by a fan directed at the Marlins’ Lewis Brinson during the ninth inning of today’s game,” the team said.

“The Rockies have zero tolerance for any form of racism or discrimination, and any fan using derogatory language of any kind will be ejected and banned from Coors Field.”

Miami Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson was subjected to racist venom during his final at-bat during Sunday’s game against the Colorado Rockies … being called the n-word by a fan.

Brinson was at the plate at the top of the 9th with the Rockies ahead of the Marlins by quite a bit, and with one out logged … he stepped up to take a hack. After taking a second ball, somebody in the stands started unabashedly hurling the slur as loud as they could.

The man’s words were picked up by a mic … and you can clearly hear him saying it over and over again, seemingly in Brinson’s direction — as the guy turned around to look himself.

It’s unclear if the fan was found and punished for the reprehensible language … as neither the Rockies nor Coors Field seem to have addressed the situation just yet. Beat reporters and broadcasters who were watching/covering the game, however, have spoken out.

All of them are calling for the same thing … for the fan to be ID’d and banned for life for using such language. As the Marlins play-by-play man Paul Severino put it … “The level of hate that was displayed has no place in this world. Unfortunately, it’s still far too prevalent. We need to be better. And soon. Awful.” The sentiment was similar among the others, too.

Brinson, for his part, had been playing pretty well this series — getting 2 hits Sunday and 3 on Saturday … so he was giving the Rockies problems. Still, for someone to stoop to this … it’s despicable.

One other weird thing … the MLB App isn’t allowing one to watch the Rockies/Marlins game at the moment — even though it’s already over. It might still be getting archived at the moment, but it’s also possible the league is scrubbing/censoring today’s game in light of what happened.

Stay tuned …

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