Rihanna Defends ‘Vogue’ Writer Who ‘Winged’ Her Interview

Rihanna is speaking out to defend the writer who interviewed her for a Vogue cover story.

Fans criticized the writer of the article, who admitted to Rihanna that she had to “wing” the interview.

Abby Aguirre wrote in the article, “Normally I bring a list of questions, but I didn’t have time to prepare one, which I make a split-second decision to confess. ‘I’m winging it, so you have to help me,’ I say nervously. Rihanna flashes a grin that is somehow both reassuring and mischievous. ‘Aren’t we all?’ she says.”

Abby later explained to fans on Twitter that the interview was pushed up and she had barely any time to prepare.

“GUYS. I was driving to Trader Joe’s in sweatpants when I got the call and literally had to flip a b*tch. I research my subjects to death. *Especially* Rihanna. I appreciate the anger behind the reaction. But this is a misunderstanding, for which I take full responsibility. I had literally no notice. The point was to convey how nerve-wracking this was, given my deep, bordering-on-psychotic reverence for Rihanna,” she wrote.

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Rihanna later spoke out to say that Abby was “gangster” and “badass” for doing the interview at a moment’s notice.

“No, no, no, no. That’s gangster. For you to get a call the day before being like, ‘Hey, Rihanna’s in L.A., you wanna do this?’ And show up on the dime and write an incredible article that I’m really proud of and enjoyed reading? She’s badass for that,” Rihanna told WWD. “If you don’t have to prepare, girl, you’re gangster.”

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