Rappers Are Calling On Fox News To Fire Laura Ingraham Over Her Nipsey Hussle Segment

Laura Ingraham, whose own brother thinks she’s a “monster” and has no soul, has pissed off the black community. And this ain’t the first time. And methinks (100% guaranteeeeeeeeed) it won’t be the last time.

Laura Ingraham went full Laura Ingraham on a segment about Nipsey Hussle‘s murder which included jokes, banter, lots of smiles, and showing a rapper who isn’t Nipsey Hussle.

Last we heard from Laura Ingraham and her relationship with black people, she was telling LeBron James–millionaire athlete who opens schools for underprivileged children–to “shut up and dribble.” She thought she’d follow that up by making light of the murder of a huge part of the South Los Angeles black community. Next you should talk about how Beyoncé is overrated–everyone will love that.

The Huffington Post is reporting that rappers have begun to call for the firing of Laura over her segment on Nipsey. Witness for yourself as Laura Ingraham plays a clip of a song by rapper YG featuring Nipsey called Fuck Donald Trump–playing the part Nipsey does not rap in–and then laughs about how silly it is because of “black unemployment”:

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