RaeLynn Shares Wintry ‘Me About Me’ Video

RaeLynn has released a new song, “Me About Me,” and an accompanying video that features certain distinct Christmas vibes.

Speaking about the video with Taste of Country, Raelynn said, “It has a very wintery, cold feel. That’s why I thought December was the perfect time to put it out.”

Raelynn says she banked on the creative vision of Running Bear Films, the director of the clip, for the video’s concept.

“I knew I wanted it to be kind of a timepiece, kind of a throwback,” she explains. “And the actors really portray what this song is about, which is being in a one-sided relationship with somebody who’s just kind of selfish, and doesn’t really care about the little things that make you who you are. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s beautiful at the end, because she comes full-circle and realizes, ‘I’m not gonna change for anybody.'”

The singer, who admitted that it was a little bit emotional for her to see a story line inspired by her own heartbreak come to life as a piece of art, takes the role of the narrator in the music video.

“Me About Me” is part of RaeLynn’s latest EP, Baytown. “Bra Off,” “Keep Up” and “Still Smokin'” are among the other tracks on the record.

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