Queen Must Be Notified First When Meghan Markle Gives Birth

When Meghan Markle has her baby, she can’t tell her mom until the Queen is filled in on the birth and the baby’s gender.

Meghan Markle is expected to follow the royal protocol upon the arrival of her new little prince or princess. Before she can call her mom, Doria Ragland, Queen Elizabeth must be notified of the baby’s birth and the baby’s gender.

The birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby won’t be revealed until the Queen is filled in. From there, a notice to the public is erected on a billboard outside of Buckingham Palace. According to The Sun, while Town Crier Tony Appleton isn’t an official spokesperson, he will most likely announce the birth of the baby.

If you look back at Kate Middleton and Prince William’s three blessed events, you might remember how they were announced to the world. William and Kate announced the birth of their three children via social media.

While Kate and William broke with royal tradition by announcing all three births on Twitter, they still followed the most important piece of the royal protocol. While Twitter shared their birth announcements for George, Charlotte, and Louis, this wasn’t done until the Queen was notified first.

Back in 2013 when Prince George was born, Kate and William broke the tradition by getting a jump on the birth announcement on Twitter. Royal watchers believe Meghan and Harry will do the same. When their baby is born, they will most likely announce the birth on social media.

With that said, Prince Harry and Meghan are still expected to follow the deep seeded tradition of notifying the baby’s royal great-grandmother first, Queen Elizabeth.

Royal tradition is age-old when it comes to who can and cannot be in the delivery room when a new member of the royal family comes into the world. Prince William broke that tradition as the first generation to have a royal dad attend a royal birth.

William was with Kate in the delivery room when all three of his children were born. Royal fathers traditionally remained distracted as a new baby was born. When Queen Elizabeth gave birth to Prince Charles, his father Prince Phillip was off playing squash.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to follow in the footsteps of William and Kate when the baby is born. While they’ll most likely announce the news of the baby’s birth on social media, that won’t happen until the Queen is informed.

Meghan Markle is close to her mom, which begs the question — will she be able to follow the royal tradition of waiting for the Queen to be informed before she tells her mom? Who knows, Meghan may be the first to break with one of the royal traditions as well when her baby is born. There has to be a first for everything!

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