Q-Tip reveals he’s become his mother’s caretaker

Q-Tip has gone from traveling the world as a famous rapper to taking care of his mother.

The rapper, 48, took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce he’s dedicating the next episode of his Beats 1 show “Abstract Radio” to his mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“This weekend on Abstract Radio, I’ll be doing a special show dedicated to my mother,” he said in a video. “It’s her birthday on Dec. 9. Shouts out to all the sag’s out there. My mother suffers with dementia and Alzheimer’s. So I’m going to be playing a lot of her favorite songs. The dedication is not only to my mother, but all those out there who suffer with dementia and the families who have to deal with or take care of a loved one who suffers with dementia.”

While the rapper’s words made clear it can be a struggle, he stressed how important and enlightening the experience has been.

“I take care of my mother and being able to wake up with her every day and take care of her has been eye-opening and inspirational,” he said. “So I hope that this show is inspirational to you. Mom, I love you so much and this show is not enough to express that.”

“Abstract Radio” will air on Beats 1 on Dec. 7 at 9 p.m.

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