Princess Diana Once Gave Prince Charles A Christmas Gift That He Absolutely Hated

It was early in their marriage – perhaps a sign of things to come.

Princess Diana gave Prince Charles a heartfelt and homemade (for lack of a better choice of words) Christmas gift early in their marriage, and the Prince of Wales hate it and wasn’t afraid to say so, Irish magazine Her is reporting.

Charles and Diana were married in 1981, so by 1985, the two had had some time to get to know each other’s wants, needs, and preferences. Likely, by this time the two were also starting to experience some strain in their marriage, as by some accounts the two failed to get along from the onset.

Nevertheless, when Christmas rolled around in ’85, Diana still wanted to give it her best effort, so she and some cohorts put together what they thought would be a beautiful gift for the Prince of Wales.

Diana, who loved ballet and classical dance, worked with ballet star Wayne Sleep to develop a ballet routine that she (Diana) would perform. Then, at a private Christmas gala for the supporters of the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, the Princess of Wales performed a three-minute ballet-inspired dance interpretation of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl.”

And despite all of the effort his wife put into it, Charles wasn’t impressed by it at all, says Royal expert Richard Kay in the royal biography “Princess Diana: The Woman Inside.”

“It was a present which slightly backfired. She did it as a tribute to Charles. Charles wasn’t terribly impressed. He thought she was showing off. In fact, it was incredibly courageous of her to go on stage at the home of English ballet at Covent Garden and to do a routine with the great Wayne Sleep.”

As it turns out, Diana loved elevating the art of gift-giving – likely a useful skill considering she married into a family worth hundreds of millions, where everyone already has everything they could possibly want or need. Her friends and former staffers say that when it came to gift-giving, she liked to “think outside the box.”

In one example, as reported by the Inquisitr, for Prince William’s 13th birthday, Diana went with a gag gift that totally embarrassed him, while at the same time making his brother, Prince Harry, laugh hysterically. As the adolescent future King celebrated his first birthday as a teen, he was presented with a cake with a pair of breasts on the top, which apparently made the Prince turn “bright red.”

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