Prince William’s football mess ‘calls into question the role of the monarchy’

“Prince William was too lazy to do his job as FA President and fly to Australia” is the 2023 version of William and Kate’s Caribbean Flop Tour. The same fundamental issues are at play: William and Kate have the diplomatic skills of an unripe tomato; they lack the managerial skills to hire intelligence, competent people to advise them; they believe that the public WANTS them to act like cosplaying colonialists and that’s all they have to offer; they are fundamentally lazy, unserious, racist, ugly people. As you can probably tell, I’m having a great time covering all of the different people dragging William for his failure to get off his ass and do his job as FA President. This woman – Leah Brown – made some excellent points!

Founder and CEO of Broadstairs Consulting Leah Brown claims the no-show calls into question the role of the monarchy in modern Britain.

“The primary impact of King Charles not supporting the Lionesses, and the PR stunt played by Prince William using Charlotte to garner public favour when delivering an unpalatable message, is that it calls into question the role of the monarchy in contemporary Britain,” she told the Express.

Brown also alleged that William abandoned his duties as patron of the FA, which now falls on his father King Charles. She said: “I have some sympathy for King Charles’ position. In this instance, the nominated individual, namely William shirked his responsibility thus throwing others into the firing line.”

The royal expert said she was also not convinced by the excuse for missing the match.

She added: “I am unsatisfied that climate change concerns were the driver behind non-attendance. It was disappointing to have no state support alongside the Queen of Spain. Charity causes and investitures aside, the idea that the royals are anything other than performative suggests this event ought to have been attended at least by a female royal representative.”

Brown said the lack of support from the Royal Family was “short-sighted”.

“Ultimately it is short-sighted for King Charles and Prince William to deprioritise attendance,” she said. “The Women’s World Cup was the perfect opportunity to make a stand for both progress achieved in society vis a vis women in sport, and forging the unity of an otherwise polarised nation by supporting the Lionesses in person in Australia.”

[From GB News]

Something similar happened during and after the Caribbean Flop Tour as well – people were pleading with Will and Kate, in real time, to change up their optics, to not make asses out of themselves as they wandered around the Caribbean, and then when everything blew up in their faces, KP went on a briefing spree with all of their excuses. And no one bought those excuses. Same thing here – people are openly blasting William and his dumb, lazy excuses and flatly pointing out that he’s trying (and failing) to hide behind his father and/or drag the king into a mess that William alone made. Anyway, William is a lazy idiot and a violent psycho, pass it on.

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