Prince Harry Hoping For Minimal 'Fallout' With Royal Family From Upcoming Memoir: 'It's Been A Very Rough Process'

Perhaps this won’t be a smear campaign against the royal family after all?

Prince Harry’s memoir Spare is just weeks away from hitting shelves. After lots of talk about how “panicked” the author and his wife Meghan Markle were about the contents of the book and their Netflix docuseries, it turns out the Duke of Sussex actually doesn’t have any “regrets” at all!

According to a new source via Us Weekly on Wednesday, Harry’s been focused on finding a balance of sharing his time growing up in the monarchy — including all the juicy bits — without crossing the line. They explained:

“Harry has been working hard to strike a balance that will hopefully minimize the fallout caused by this book.”

The insider went on to stress the 38-year-old has been trying to stay “true to his principles” while keeping his publishers “happy at the same time.” As is often the case with a memoir, it has been an emotional roller coaster to put his story into words:

“It’s been a very rough process. And very difficult for him to recount certain traumatic events from his childhood.”

The highly-anticipated page-turner is set to detail the untimely death of his and Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, but it will also tackle other highs and lows of his life, reportedly including the loss of Queen Elizabeth II earlier this year and likely his split from the royal family in 2020. The insider continued:

“At the same time, he’s found it cathartic. And at this stage there are no regrets.”

Whoa. Good to hear! At the end of the day, if Spare does deepen the divide between him and his family, at least he can stand confidently by what he chose to reveal in the pages of the book.

Also, the royal confidant insisted he “didn’t feel rushed and finished the manuscript on his own terms,” thanks to the help of “a great ghostwriter and edit team to work with.”

Last week, Penguin Random House revealed the memoir will be available on January 10, 2023. Ever since he agreed to write the tell-all, the entire royal family has been worried about the contents — especially after Harry and Meghan caused a stir with their bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview last year.

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King Charles III is so stressed, he’s reportedly considering banning Harry and Meghan from his May coronation if his son attacks Queen Camilla in the book! Yeesh! The threat apparently worked, though. Another insider told Us last month:

“ both agreed to reach a neutral ground by softening the parts on Charles and adding intimate details about legacy.”

Perhaps this is why Harry is hoping his publication won’t cause problems? Still, we’re sure he couldn’t totally hold back from making some shady comments about the entire family, including William and Princess Catherine AKA Kate Middleton. There’s just so much messy history between them all!! So, we expect some fallout will be inevitable. Thoughts?! Let us know if you think Spare is going to make the family’s feud worse (below)!

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