Prince Albert: Charlene ‘is not suffering from any serious or incurable disease’

Princess Charlene is still in a treatment facility, somewhere in Europe. My guess would be Switzerland – I think if she was in France, French gossips would have figured that out by now. But no one should go looking for her. Prince Albert made another comment this week about his wife and her treatment, telling Paris Match: “She needs peace, rest, tranquillity, and appeasement. Everyone needs to understand that. I say it kindly: leave her alone, leave us alone for a while. The princess is not suffering from any serious or incurable disease. It is the consequence of all the operations she has undergone over the last few months.” Okay. It’s been months and I’m all out of theories about what’s really happening here. Meanwhile, there are some excerpts from Tatler’s cover story about Charlene and what she’s really like:

Charlene knows what she’s doing? One source rubbished any public perception that Charlene is ‘naive’ and trapped in an unhappy marriage with Albert, saying: ‘I don’t for one second think she did not know what she was doing when she married him.’

What she was like as a swimmer: Fellow swimmers who trained with Charlene in South Africa in the noughties remembered her as ambitious, laser-focused and dedicated to the sport. They said Charlene would spend her time practicing when other children would be playing, and could be ‘hard on herself’ when she did not perform well.

Charlene won’t be controlled: ‘Charlene is no Princess Di.’ one said. ‘She may come across as being extremely naïve, but nothing could be further from the truth. She is very good at keeping her smarts under wraps. I don’t for one second think she did not know what she was doing when she married him.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I mean… I think any woman who waits around for years to marry a prince has some element of slyness or design. Even if the basis of the relationship was love, after so many years (and Charlene did wait around for years), a girl needs a plan or some kind of motive to stick around. Even if you ascribe cunning to Charlene, I do think she got in over her head very quickly. She was unprepared for royal life, unprepared to be married to Albert, unprepared for to be out of her depth in every area. That being said, this reads more like the portrait of a young, driven, focused athlete who got crushed in a bad marriage and significant health struggles.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Charlene’s Instagram.

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