President Biden's Dog Major Still at White House After New Biting Incident

President Biden‘s dog, Major, is still hanging around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. after his latest biting incident … but now it looks like he’s got his own team of aides.

Biden’s rescue German Shepherd was back on the White House South Lawn Wednesday for his morning stroll … the first time we’ve seen the pooch since he nipped at someone Monday while walking on WH grounds.

As we reported … Major’s latest bite victim needed medical attention. The pup was previously sent home to Delaware after nipping at a White House staffer, but the Prez said that bite didn’t break the skin.

As you can see, Major’s got some extra handlers with him now … and the man with the white hair is reportedly Major’s new main trainer, Dale Haney.

Biden’s older German Shepherd, Champ, is also rolling with Major, but interestingly the older dog’s allowed to be off-leash. Keep in mind, Champ hasn’t bitten anyone.

By the way, reporters spotted dog poop on a carpet inside the White House … but no word on which dog’s responsible. Major’s already got 2 strikes against him, so Champ might wanna take this one for the team.

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