Plastic surgeon reveals how stars look flawless on the red carpet

Oscar nominees will be busy getting glammed up for the red carpet this Sunday — but a plastic surgeon tells us that some of them have been preparing for more than a month for the big night.

“We start months before and creep up on things so that they look really natural on that day,” he told us. “We want to do something no one will detect, otherwise everyone will be talking about it. You don’t want to distort somebody,” Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg— who has locations in New York City and Southampton and works with a number of stars — tells us.

Dr. Greenberg will start with “injectables,” such as Botox and fillers, six weeks before the ceremony, saying specific areas like the “cheekbone is great for the cameras, so we’ll put Restylane in that area.”

In older celebrities “we always fill jawlines so it doesn’t have the jowly look.”

Then in the weeks before the event, skin is smoothed with “microneedling” (fine needles that puncture the skin to promote collagen growth) with platelet-rich plasma, combined with light laser peels.

And just two to three days before the Academy Awards, stars will get HydraFacials to polish off their skin.

When it comes to getting their bodies ready for the red carpet, coolsculpting (where fat is frozen) and laser liposuction will be done on “problem areas.”

“One of the biggest areas for celebrities in dresses is the bra roll,” Dr. Greenberg says. “We customize treatment to what kind of dress they are wearing. Some have low-back dresses, some have dresses with slits that are high and those patients want to make sure their legs look good and there is no cellulite.”

Adding, “It’s me [working] in conjunction with their stylists.”

None of this is cheap. Dr. Greenberg says the whole process of getting the skin and body ready can cost upward of $20,000 to $40,000.

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