Placido Domingo’s Alleged Victims React to His Defense: Groping Women Is Not ‘Gallant’

Two opera singers who accused the Spanish star of sexual misconduct hit back at him after he claimed he had alwasy been ‘gallant’ in response to groping allegations.

AceShowbiz -Two opera singers who accused Placido Domingo of sexual misconduct have hit back at the star’s claims he has been “gallant, but always within the limits of gentlemanliness, respect and sensitivity.”

The Spanish singer was dropped from a number of concerts in the U.S. following a pair of exposes published by The Associated Press in August and September, when more than 20 women came forward with historic accusations of misconduct by the veteran artist.

The charges made against Domingo include unexpected attempts to kiss the alleged victims and reports of unwanted touching, which his representative blasted at the time as “simply incorrect.”

He later told Spanish publication El Confidencial, “Gallant gestures are viewed differently nowadays,” insisting Spaniards are naturally “warm, affectionate and loving,” and explaining, “I have been gallant, but always within the limits of gentlemanliness, respect and sensitivity.”

However, according to Billboard, Angela Turner Wilson and [cPatricia Wulf], two of the star’s accusers, hit back at his response, saying in a statement via their attorney Debra Katz, “There is nothing ‘chivalrous’ or ‘gallant’ about groping a woman in the workplace, in any country or era.”

The Grammy Award-winning singer is one of the most celebrated men in the opera world and regarded as one of the greatest opera singers of all time.

Domingo is also a prolific conductor and longtime administrator, having served as the general director of both the Los Angeles Opera and Washington Opera.

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