Piers Morgan on whether he’ll be trying to steal GMB’s viewers after ‘poaching’ ITV staff

Piers Morgan on Dave Chapelle attack being 'political'

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Piers Morgan has addressed whether he’ll be trying to “steal” Good Morning Britain viewers after leaving the programme last year and launching his new TalkTV show, Uncensored. Speaking to Express.co.uk and other publications at the launch of the programme, the TV star, 57, told how he didn’t want to steal GMB’s viewers, after a number of GMB staff left the programme to work with Piers on his new show.

I just really looking to pick up all those who stopped watching it

Piers Morgan

The star’s talk show, Uncensored, launched at the end of April and marked Piers’ comeback to TV.

Speaking candidly ahead of the programme’s launch, Piers told how he wanted the GMB viewers who stopped watching following his exit, to tune in to his new show.

Piers said: “I mean, I won’t be looking to steal Good Morning Britain viewers.

“I just really looking to pick up all those who stopped watching it.

“Which judging by when I walk around and judging by the ratings is a lot of people,” the star claimed.

He went on: “So, if you if you love Good Morning Britain when I was on it, and you miss me and that, you know where to find me.

“There’s a lot of people who I think were annoyed about what went down so they’d be the ones I’d be after,” he added.

Piers left the ITV show last year following remarks he made about Meghan Markle.

Speaking about his time on GMB, the star said: “I used to think I was uncensored.

“And then of course, when I left Good morning, Britain, it turned out that I actually was being censored in the sense that I was told I had to apologise for disbelieving Princess Pinocchio, or I would have to leave the building.

“So I took the leave the building option, which I thought was a sad, it was a sad moment for me and for the show.”

Piers’ comments about viewers tuning into the show come after his former co-host Susanna Reid shared her thoughts on Piers trying to “steal” ITV staff for his show.

It is understood that Erron Gordon, GMB’s director since its inception in 2014, was one of the first to jump ship to join Piers as the show’s executive creative director and head of studio output.

Meanwhile GMB’s assistant editor Ben Briscoe and long-time ITV daytime scheduler Vivek Sharma also joined Piers as series editor and executive producer, as reported by the Mail on Sunday.

When asked whether Piers had approached his former co-host to join him, Susanna asserted that “he knows perfectly well” what the answer would be.

She told Fabulous: “I hear he’s got this new TV show, I’ve seen the buses and the billboards.

“Piers is a brilliant broadcaster, and he has a voice that is loud and powerful.

“No [he hasn’t asked me to join him], he knows perfectly well I’m happy where I am,” she added.

Uncensored airs weekdays at 8pm on TalkTV.

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