Photos Of Queen Elizabeth Through The Years

Queen Elizabeth II left an incredible impact on the world through her 70 years of leadership in the throne. Sadly, her time on Earth has come to a conclusion. After she was forced to cancel a Privy Council meeting on Wednesday evening due to doctor’s orders, Buckingham Palace announced on Thursday afternoon that she “peacefully” passed away in Balmoral.

Seeing as she was 96 years old at her time of death, it’s clear the Queen made a significant impact on history. Before a new era begins and her son, Prince Charles, 73, ascends the throne, let’s take a look back at some of the Queen’s most memorable moments (below).


385th Bombardment Group — July 1944

Wedding —  November 1947

Investiture At Caervarvon Castle — July 1969

Heading On Holiday — September 1974

State Opening Of Parliament — February 1977

Silver Jubilee Commonwealth Tours — March 1977

50th Anniversary Of Coronation — June 2003

State Opening Of Parliament — November 2006

Diamond Wedding Anniversary — November 2007

Trooping The Colour — June 2012

Receiving The Keys To Lancaster Castle — May 2015

Corps Of Royal Engineers — October 2016

Opening The Francis Crick Institute In London — November 2016

Visiting The ZSL Whipsnade Zoo — April 2017

Trooping The Color — June 2017

Royal Windsor Horse Show — May 2018

Birthday Parade — June 2018

Reddendo Parade — June 2022

Visits Thames Hospice — July 2022

Final Moments — September 2022

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She lived such a life. R.I.P….

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