Pete Davidson Reveals He’s ‘Lonely’ & Now Living With His Mom!

Pete Davidson is doing just fine — thanks for asking!

The 25-year-old gave Jimmy Fallon an update on his life when he stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday, revealing that he just bought a house with an older woman.

No, not his girlfriend Kate Beckinsale… but his mom, Amy Davidson!

The Saturday Night Live star explained that he and his mom “kinda” live together now, adding that he lives in a basement apartment “underneath” his mother’s part of the house. He told Fallon:

“So I live with my mom… well we bought a house together, but nobody believes that. So I live with my mom, kinda. So I have, like, a basement that’s mine, but that’s, like, an apartment, so I live underneath her.”

Awww. Who knew Pete was such a momma’s boy?

The actor revealed that he installed an arcade in his underground quarters in attempt to make the space more his. But he still isn’t quite sure what to call it, confessing:

“I was calling it The Man Cave, but told me that if I call it that they will no longer be my friend. So, now I call it The Basement like The Ohio State University. I don’t like that college. It’s the ‘the’ that’s the important part.”

However, Pete admitted that life in The Basement can get a bit “lonely” sometimes — an interesting confession, seeing as he’s been romantically linked to Beckinsale over the past few months — but, thankfully, the funny man has plenty of ways to keep himself occupied.

Like playing Mortal Kombat 11, the video game he was on the show to promote. He said of it:

“There’s this guy that I’d really like to kill in it ’cause he looks like a real douchebag. So there’s this guy, Johnny Cage, so he does splits and punches you in the d**k. It’s his special move. He just looks like everybody I grew up with in Staten Island, so I just kill that dude. I enjoy killing him.”

While explaining it, Davidson may have hinted at trouble in his relationship with the Widow actress by sharing the fact that he’s been “lonely””recently — which is apparently giving him complicated feelings about one of the game’s female characters.

Ariana Grande‘s ex continued:

“Also has, like, a hot daughter, which is weird because I’m, like, lonely and she’s, like, not real. So there’s that in the video game as well — sexual confusion. The effects are, like, really good.”


Thankfully, Pete is still getting fresh air when he can. He also told Jimmy about a recent trip to Nobu in Malibu where he celebrated Kid Cudi’s birthday alongside Timothée Chalamet and Kanye West — who insisted on ordering the “crazy stuff” that wasn’t even on the menu, natch.

Watch the 25-year-old’s interview (below) to hear all his new life updates.

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