'People make parenthood sound like rocket science and it's not,' says new dad Spencer Matthews

New father Spencer Matthews says parenthood isn’t as tough as everyone says, thanks at least in part to his wife Vogue Williams’ organisation skills which allows their home to run smoothly.

The former Made in Chelsea star (30) and the RTE presenter (33) welcomed their first child Theodore in September and the couple took part in another photoshoot with their baby son with Hello! magazine in a special Christmas issue.

“We’re both pretty relaxed as individuals. Nothing really bothers me at all, and Vogue is very organised, so everything does kind of fall into place,” he told Hello! magazine. “So far, it hasn’t been a particularly stressful experience. If your child is screaming his head off, he’s either too hot, too cold, tired or hungry. People make it sound like rocket science and it’s not.”

The couple will mark their two-year anniversary in 2019 and have plunged headfirst into their whirlwind romance, but Vogue said she knew from the start that things were different this time around.

“It’s kind of crazy that we’ve only been together a couple of years, but it felt different with the two of us. From the second we met, we were the best of pals and it just gets better and better. Everyone says around 18 months is when the honeymoon period phases out, but that’s not the case for us,” she said.

“Neither of us go out much any more. We’re so settled now and our priorities are so different. Theodore is the best thing that ever happened to us. It helps that I’m very good at time management too. I can do my makeup with one hand in 10 minutes.”

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The pair are on the promotional trail for their new E4 reality series Spencer and Vogue Adult(ish) which centres around them adjusting to the realities of new parenthood, with, what they say is a comic twist.

“I thought it would be absolutely impossible to love anyone as much as I love Vogue and then you have a child and it’s ridiculous. Being woken up in the middle of the night by his coughing or whatever makes me delighted. He’s a little genius,” Spencer said.

Meanwhile, Vogue recently opened up about falling for her now-husband, saying it was their friendship that laid the groundwork for more when they met on another reality series The Jump, which focused on celebrities learning to ski.

“Just before I met Spencer, and I had been seeing someone else and that didn’t work out, and I realised I was still going for the same kind of people – disasters. People with a lot of stuff they need to sort out for themselves,” she told LIFE magazine.

“So I stopped that and I thought, ‘Right, I have to figure this out and not get myself back in a loop again’. I took time to myself and that was something I thought I’d hate, but I absolutely loved it. So when I met Spencer on The Jump, I was so happy being single that I kept saying, ‘This is going nowhere. Don’t think it is.’ I was just so cool about it that we became such great friends, and then everything else came after that…He’s just great fun and we’re best friends.

“We argue about very little and we just fit really well with each other.”

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