Paul O’Grady’s heartbroken husband shares final picture together

Paul O’Grady’s husband Andre Portasio took to Instagram on Thursday evening to thank the public for their overwhelming support following the comedian’s “unexpected” death aged 67.

The former ballet dancer shared a bittersweet photograph from their final holiday together, and what would be the last picture they ever took together.

Andre wrote in his emotional caption: “In time I hope to write to everyone individually and thank you for all posts, messages, phone calls, emails, cards and flowers of support.

“I much appreciate you all taking the time to reach out. I’m so very touched and I’m sure Paul would be too!

“Browsing for a picture I found the last picture we ever took together. Unbeknownst to us back in January this would be our last ever holiday together.”

Andre’s post was quickly inundated with comments from hundreds of Paul’s devoted fans.

Shona sympathised: “Thinking of you so very much, my deepest sympathy, I cried.

“I loved Paul and watched him as Lily in the 1980s and then everything thereafter, he made me laugh through some of the worst times of my life.”

Jan also wrote: “Thank you so much for sending such a caring message in a time which is so tragic and sad for you.

“Sending you my most deepest condolences. A wonderful photo of you both to treasure.”

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