Paul Hollywood takes girlfriend Melissa to same holiday destination he took last two exes

Great British Bake Off’sPaul Hollywoodhas taken girlfriend Melissa Spalding to Paphos a spot he’s taken his past two girlfriends to as well.

Apparently Paul has a soft spot for that area of Cyprus and has visited there on numerous occasions.

This is the second holiday Paul and Melissa have been on together. It’s believed the pair first went to the Cyprus resort together in 2019 after Paul’s split from ex-girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam.

According toa source who spoke to The Sun, Melissa and Paul are extremely happy together and have been looking forward to getting away.

They said: “Paul and Mel are happier than they’ve ever been and are looking forward to a break after a really busy few months.”

“Paul’s been flat out on Bake Off while Mel has her hands full running a pub so they’ve earned some rest and relaxation. Paul’s happier than he’s been in years and Mel’s a major part of that,” the source continued.

Paul describes Cyprus as his “second home” after having lived there for six years.

He initially visited Paphos in 1996 when he left his job in London to work at The Annabelle hotel.

It was in Paphos that Paul met his first wife Alexandra who worked as a scuba diving instructor in the holiday resort. The pair wed in 1998, and stayed together until their divorce in 2017.

Paul has often spoken of his love for Paphos, and previously gushed about it to a magazine.

He said: “I’d taken a job as head baker at the Annabelle Hotel in Paphos for a year, but I loved living there so much that it ended up being six!”

“Cyprus is beautiful and the Mediterranean diet is amazing. I had a fantastic job and a great social life, so no wonder I didn’t want to leave,” Paul continued.

The Bake Off judge has also described Cyprus as “running through [his] veins”.

Once upon a time, Paul almost didn’t become a baker, and recently revealed that his father had to bribe him to take up baking.

The 55 year old had studied sculpting at art school, but was offered £500 by his dad to become a professional baker like him.

Speaking on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, Paul explained: "I was in art school and had long hair and velvet jackets and I quite enjoyed art, sculpture and all that stuff, and I ended up doing an O-level in sculpture and I thought I could really take this further.”

“My dad approached me and said, 'Son, come and join the industry,' and he said, 'I'll give you five hundred quid,” Paul continued.

“In the Eighties that was a lot of money, so I went from hair down to my chest to shaved literally overnight.”

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