Open Post: Hosted By Members Of The Canine Republic Not Standing For Cat Propaganda In Their House

I haven’t seen a furry beast get that bothered by pussy since my husband’s wig flipped when I accidentally walked into his bedroom while naked.” – Kelly Preston

There some dogs who don’t really care about cats (TRAITORS!). Then there’s other dogs who like cats (TRIPLE TRAITORS!!). And then there’s dogs who are proud members of The Canine Republic and are working to finally overthrow humans and their biggest rival, cats, to control this planet. Some of the dogs in this clip fall under the third category, and they hate cats so much that they will not take a cat coming into their headquarters. Even if it’s just a cat head, and not really a cat head, because it’s a pillow.

While the snooty German Shepherd thought, “Dumbass hos,” the other dogs went crazy over the terrible nightmare that is Couch Cat!

Why do I have a feeling that the humans are going to wake up to find the brains (aka stuffing) and hidden camera of couch cat’s head all over the place? I say “hidden camera,” because you know that at Cat Headquarters, a bunch of cats were laughing at those dogs while looking through the cameras hidden in that cat pillow’s eyes. Those dogs know what’s up.

Pic: YouTube

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