OMG! Olivia Jade Split Her Lip & Chipped Her Tooth After Passing Out On Her Bathroom Floor!

Food poisoning is the WORST!

And it’s even scarier when it causes you to pass out, which is exactly what happened to Olivia Jade Giannulli this week! OMG!

Lori Loughlin‘s daughter posted a makeup tutorial video shot in her bathroom to her YouTube channel on Thursday. In the first few minutes, she recounted to her viewers how she’d actually had quite the ordeal in that very same bathroom the night before, suffering from a nasty bout of food poisoning.

Apparently, the 21-year-old former University of Southern California student had gotten sick due to something she ate, rushed into the bathroom, and “passed out” upon entry. In the process, she hit her head and chipped her tooth on the bathroom counter, and could “barely remember” the sequence of events after blacking out.

Holy s**t! That’s like, seriously scary!

The vlogger and former college student explained more, saying (below):

“Crazy thing happened to me last night: I ran to the bathroom thinking I was going to throw up and then I passed out. But I locked the door ’cause I didn’t want my boyfriend to come in because I was like dying. He just heard this big thud and then was like running in the room, like, ‘Holy s**t, are you okay?’ I could barely remember . I split my lip a little, and then I have like a bump on my head right there. My nose hurts really bad too.”


A source even confirmed the incident with People, reporting Olivia is “okay” after her uncomfortable Wednesday night ordeal — which also included a chipped tooth. So this was a serious incident!

You can watch her full explanation at the very start of her new makeup tutorial video here:



Remember, Olivia is still in the beginning of her much-anticipated YouTube comeback following her year-plus absence from the video uploading site. Expect a lot more makeup tutorials and lifestyle vlogs like this; after all, it’s what she has apparently always wanted to do — even during her ill-fated time in college…

It’s too early yet to know whether her new vids will catch on, but she’s certainly giving it a go, chipped tooth and food poisoning and blacking out and all!

Here’s hoping OJ continues to feel better and recover from this unfortunate little situation!

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