Olivia Newton-John’s daughter shares mum’s heartbreaking final words

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American singer Chloe Lattanzi, 37, is the only child of renowned singer and actress Olivia Newton-John and Matt Lattanzi. Chloe has now opened up about her mother’s death during her first interview since Olivia’s passing in August last year.

The renowned Grease star tragically died at the age of 73 after a lengthy battle with breast cancer.

The actress was survived by her second husband, John Easterling, 70, and her daughter Chloe who both appeared in their first interview on Thursday since the singer’s death.

Just days after Olivia’s passing, her niece, Caroline Tottie Goldsmith, revealed that the actress had spent her final days in her California home and had largely lost her ability to speak at that point.

Recalling a time when her mother was still vocal, Chloe revealed the final words she heard her world-famous mum utter.

Speaking on the NBC show Today, Chloe remembered: “The last words she could say to me was, ‘My sunshine’.

“And right before she lost her ability to speak, she was making jokes.”

The singer heartbreakingly added: “She’s my mama, you know? She’s not Olivia Newton-John to me.

“But I’m so glad that she was Olivia Newton-John for so many people.”

Chloe went on to thank her mum’s fans, saying their support “has been a life raft” and “felt like a big hug from the universe”.

Olivia’s husband John also revealed he can still feel her presence and unbeatable optimism all around him.

He shared: “Late at night, early in the morning. I’ll just be walking around the house or throwing the ball for the dogs and just speak to her out loud.”

The medical plant researcher also shared some sage words a friend had told him which have helped him deal with the deep-seeded grief of losing his wife.

He added: “A guy I was flying with said, ‘You know, John, when you’re lucky enough to have found your true soulmate and you share a heart, when one passes, the other has the obligation to live life for both.’

“That was very empowering and very powerful for me and it gave a way forward.”

Olivia had been diagnosed with breast cancer a total of three times in her life.

Her first diagnosis in 1992 arrived the very same weekend her father had died of cancer.

She underwent extensive treatment, including a partial mastectomy, chemotherapy, breast reconstruction and herbal formulas, and was dubbed cancer-free.

However, in 2013 she was diagnosed once again and four years later her diagnosis changed to stage four breast cancer.

With this final diagnosis, the Australian star sold some of her real estate portfolio and invested the profits in some of her cancer research foundations and centres.

In 2012, Olivia founded the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre at a hospital in Melbourne and in 2015 created the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute.

In 2020 the star launched the Olivia Newton-John Foundation, which sponsors research into plant treatment for cancer, telling Forbes at the time that her mission with the foundation was to find “kinder ways to treat cancer, prevent cancer and live well with cancer.”

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