Olivia Attwood explodes with rage as Amber Turner brands her a ‘b***h’

Olivia Attwood has reacted with fury after her TOWIE co-star insinuated she's difficult to work with.

Love Island 2017 star Olivia, who joined the cast of TOWIE this year, hit back after Amber Turner claimed she has an issue with somebody new every single week.

Replying to an online story about Amber's remarks, Liv exploded: "Erm just 2 people to date. But whatever you need to do for press."

Refusing to take that lying down, Amber replied cattily: "When press turn up to my event & ask me questions about most people on the cast I can say my opinions. They write the article – I'm sure you know the deal.

"You don't need to bite to everythingggg. Ohh and it's defo more than 2 learn to count @oliviajade_att ," she added tartly.

That acted as a red rag to a bull, as Olivia furiously tweeted back: "Nope.. just 2.. maybe 3 now. Wasn't a bite darling, just found it odd from you all people.

"Yeh ok, well maybe something interesting will happen in your own life soon and can answer questions about that instead."

Love Island alumni Kady McDermott swerved into Liv's comments to leave a row of crying-laughing emojis, having had her own run-in with Amber last year during their double date with Dan Edgar and Myles Barnett.

But Amber wasn't prepared to give up, demanding to have the last word as she provocatively tweeted a fishing emoji.

"I mean it defo was a bite. Nothing odd about it when your being a bitch to my friends for no reason! & ahh yeaaa let's hope," she snarked.

It comes after Olivia's almighty on-screen showdown with Courtney Green during the TOWIE cast's party in Marbella, after which she entered a war of words with Sam Mucklow on social media.

Liv had flung olives at Courtney and called her a goat, and her rival later claimed Olivia was "dragged away" by producers, calling her "threatening, un-classy and a bitch."

Sam branded Olivia "trashy" last month, telling Mail Online: "If I'm honest I don't think she's good for Towie. The show is a bit classier than other reality shows and I feel like Liv is bringing something we've not really had before.

"I think she would be more at home on Ex On The Beach or Geordie Shore .

"I would never call a girl trashy but I wouldn't say Olivia is classy either," he went on.

"I do think it could have a negative effect on the show. I am conscious about being associated with her behaviour. I wouldn't want to be associated with what happened when we arrived."

Olivia bit back with accusations of her own – namely that Sam had tried to strangle Tom McDonnel.

She wrote: "From the boy who tried to strangle someone in the first ep, give me a break."

The blonde bombshell added: "Instead of worrying what show I'm on, if everyone are such saints maybe they should go on Songs of Praise or something.

"I really find it rude when people haven't done any telly mug off shows like Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach good f***ing shows. If I was single I'd be on Ex On The Beach in five minutes."

Sam replied: "I would do it ten times over defending the people I love and sticking up for my girlfriend. What's you excuse??"

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