Octomom: My Family Is Too Damn Big For Instagram!

Natalie Suleman is the mother to 14 children. As you can imagine, she has even more trouble than most families when it comes to getting everyone together for a group photo.

The results, however, can be pretty darn funny.

Take a look at the photo of her minimalist family, and read the (former) Octomom’s explanation for the chaos.

Sharing the photo that you’re about to see to Instagram, Natalie Suleman — who no longer uses the names Nadya or Octomom — offers an explanation.

“So THIS is what happened when we attempted to take a fun family photo with as many family members as possible,” she writes.

In the picture, she is seated with only 11 of her 14 children.

“Per usual, Elijah, Amerah, and JJ are absent from the pic,” Suleman explains.

She adds: “(growing up I despised taking photos so I understand and don’t force them).”

There is a lot of chaotic energy in this photo. With some different arrangements and more dramatic lighting, you’d get a Baroque painting.

“Aidan had enough of sitting and threw his head back,” she explains.

The result, as you can see, is that his head flew back dramatically, “nearly hitting mine.”

“So,” she writes. “This may explain why I look, ummm … startled.”

She’s clearly not the only one. Hey, children don’t generally want to sit still for ages. This problem magifies exponentially when you add more children.

She also shared this smaller but much less chaotic photo recently.

This was from when she sent her octuplets back to school.

Like countless other parents, celebrity and otherwise, she snapped and shared a back-to-school photo on social media.

Unlike the vast majority of those other parents … she had a lot of children in the photo. But she fit them all into the frame anyway.

She’s had a lot of practice, just as she did in this image when she was feeding them all vegan tacos.

Even in this image, you can tell that they had to go out of their way to fit into the frame.

It’s so reassuring to hear that Suleman gives her children the freedom to opt out of family photos if they want to.

(If anyone else has ever been forced to wear a turtleneck for an hour at the age of four for a family photoshoot, and still feels indignation at that memory, you can appreciate her parenting choice)

It’s also neat to see that most of her children are more than happy to pose for the photos. And when it’s only the eight of them, things tend to turn out pretty well.

At least, they do in the photos that she chooses to upload. We’re sure that she has plenty of outtakes that fans and followers don’t normally get to see.

You know what? It’s been years since Suleman stopped being Octomom, and we have to say that she seems to be doing well.

We’re so sorry that she got so much negative feedback over supporting her family by stripping. There is nothing wrong with sex work, and she should never have been shamed for it.

Sometimes, when people become famous, they just can’t handle it. Suleman is an example of that, but she seems to have adjusted to things.

Her focus is on her fourteen children. That’s right where it should be.

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