Noah Centineo Says He Won’t Be Doing This Anymore In His Career (Exclusive Video)

Noah Centineo is opening up about something he’s done doing in his projects.

In this exclusive first look at his appearance on Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz, the 24-year-old To All The Boys star says he’ll never play a teenager again.

During a round of “Would You Rather?,” Noah was asked if he would rather play teenagers for the rest of his career or only play 80 year olds.

“80 year olds,” he answered. When prompted if he’s done with playing teenagers, he said, “All I’ve done for the last 15 years is teenagers.”

It seems safe to say we won’t be seeing Noah in any more teen rom-coms!

He also dished on his upcoming Black Adam co-star Dwayne Johnson.

“I call him my homie,” Noah joked about what he calls Dwayne. “I met him once, via Zoom, and I told him that I was coming for his squat game and I mean it. I’m gonna put him to shame, alright? I’m gonna tell you what… You don’t see how much weight he’s squatting in his videos and that’s because he’s afraid.”

Also during the episode, Noah shared some of his relationship deal breakers and recites famous movie lines with ice cubes in his mouth. Check out the full video now!

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