No, Fans Who Drank Instagram Star’s Bathwater Did NOT Get Herpes!

OK, half of this story is a total hoax. The other half — unbelievable as it may seem — is completely true.

You may never have heard of Belle Delphine, but the 19-year-old is something of a huge star in certain corners of the Internet.

The gamer and Instagram model has over FOUR MILLION subscribers and makes a fortune getting guys to subscribe to her Patreon where she promises more NSFW content like “Bath and shower time selfies” and “Cosplay photoshoots.”

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You get the idea.

While it may not be a wholly original business, Belle Delphine did think up a novel business model.

Last week she announced she would be selling her actual bath water to followers, writing on Twitter:

“I am now selling my bath water! this is what humanity has come to :)”

She may have quipped it was for “thirsty gamer boys,” but it wasn’t a joke. She legitimately put her bath water in little jars and sold it on her website.

For 30 BUCKS a pop.

Here’s the most incredible part: it sold!

Just eight hours later, she wrote:

…So my bath water actually sold out wtf? I didn’t expect to sell so many or to have THIS many baths either LMAO”

You know what?

It may be strange, but she did put a disclaimer on her site, reading:

“This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

So we guess it’s not hurting anyone. You make that money off those thirsty boys, gurl.

OK, we promised you a lie. (LOLz!) Here it is.

On Sunday, a Twitter account called @BakeRises disguised itself as, complete with handle and photo, and posted a “news story” claiming Over 50 People Have Reportedly Contracted Herpes After Drinking Instagram Star, Belle Delphine’s Bath Water.

Whoever was behind the account confirmed the obvious in subsequent tweets, that this was all completely made up and intended as a joke.

There’s some measure of protection for parody on the Internet, but this is clearly crossing a line. By identifying as a news site to the casual observer, this def falls more into the hoax category.

Quite possibly this is why the Twitter account appears to have been suspended…

In any case, not only is completely ridiculous, it’s also some sexist B.S.

Gurl found a niche and clearly has a fanbase of literal MILLIONS. But she’s the one being judged? Nope.

They may not have used the word, but this is just another way to slutshame, and it needs to stop.

If you want to judge a person on her *absolutely* ridiculous scheme and argue her business acumen or ethics, go right ahead. But we just aren’t here for the slutshaming.

BTW, for those wondering if Delphine is just trolling with all this bath water stuff… you may be onto something.

This is not her first brush with going viral. Just last month she promised her IG followers if she got over a million likes on a single post she’d start a Pornhub channel.

When fans came through, she did as promised.

Only instead of porn, she posted a series of videos with misleading bait-and-switch titles; for instance, a video titled “Belle Delphine Gets Scissored” is just the teen playing with plastic scissors. “Belle Squirts” is just a vid in which she shoots a water pistol at the floor.

So yes, you could definitely accuse Belle Delphine of being a troll on those grounds.

What do YOU think of gurl selling her bath water?? (And guys actually buying it!)

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