Nicki Minaj: Why Fans Think She’s Throwing Major Shade At Drake In ‘Hard White’ Video

Pay attention! If you take a close look at Nicki Minaj’s new ‘Hard White’ music video, there’s an obvious dig at Drake, according to fans! See the evidence here.

Happy Friday to the Barbz! Nicki Minaj, 36, just dropped a brand new music video, but fans think that she shaded fellow rapper Drake, 32, in the process. The visual for “Hard White” arrived on Feb. 1, and it immediately had fans chattering. At one point in the video, a scorpion appears, before breaking a part into a ton of tiny, segmented parts. Fans of Drizzy will remember that Scorpion is the title of Drake’s 2018 full-length album, and feel that the imagery is a direct diss to the rapper!

“OMG NICKI ENDED DRAKE KFKFKFKFKm,” one fan wrote on Twitter after watching. “Just killed another career, it’s a mild day. #hardwhite #endeddrake,” another fan tweeted. “Did Nicki really say f**k drake like that like that?” a third fan even wrote.  Some fans were straight up savage. “Finish him,” another wrote online, along with a clip of the moment. “#HardWhite #HardWhiteMusicVideo,” one tweet read. Are the Barbz onto something?

All potential disses aside, Nicki’s new video is NOT to be missed. The theatrical new clip shows the A-list rapper surrounded by creepy zombie-esque co-stars as she spits the lyrics to her formerly released track off of 2018’s Queen. The wild new visuals show her wearing an elaborate headdress with a long sleeve chain linked gown where she looks like a queen ready for battle. The royal theme continues as she’s seen in a futuristic silver mini dress while dropping bars seated atop a throne with burning torches on both sides. Bow down!

Be sure to watch Nicki’s new music video for “Hard White,” and decide for yourself: is Nicki taking shots at Drake in her new clip?!

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