Neil Dudgeon: Midsomer Murders star gives up jogging after developing ‘huge bruises’

Midsomer Murders: Neil Dudgeon comments on acting standards

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Neil Dudgeon, 60, like many of us over the past year, took up running as a way to keep himself entertained and to keep fit while the UK waits out these various lockdowns. But the Midsomer Murders star was confused and mildly concerned to find large bruises on his legs after going for a jog.

When I saw this large bruising I thought, ‘This isn’t right. This isn’t meant to happen’

Neil Dudgeon

Now he’s back at work as DCI John Barnaby, he has to be in tip-top running condition in order to chase down those blood thirsty suspects.

“My daughter wanted to do a bit of running, so I started doing Couch to 5K [the NHS podcast],” he recalled setting himself a challenge back in April last year.

“But I stopped after a week as I started getting huge bruises around my knee.

“The running had been great, fine, but when I saw this large bruising, I thought, ‘This isn’t right. This isn’t meant to happen.’”

According to the NHS, bruising and swelling typically indicates inflammation of the knees.

There can be many causes, which include running on hard or uneven surfaces or other underlying issues.

But Neil’s knees are back in shape as the latest series of the ever popular murder-mystery drama returned this year for its 21st season.

“There’s a terrible irony about it, to escape terrible news about terrible deaths, you go to a programme that’s all about terrible deaths,” he said.

To Dudgeon, the deaths of Midsomer residents are considered rather “fantastical” and not what you would expect of a sleepy countryside village.

“They aren’t the sort of ways that people are generally fretting about dying,” he chuckled.

“But I’ve heard it quite a lot – people have binged. Foreign channels bought two years of Midsomer Murders and, because of lockdown, they’ve shown all of them, binged the whole two years in two months!

“It’s fantastic and lovely to think people do enjoy the show. I find it comforting and a solace.”

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Neil’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times [RADIO TIMES]

And with worldwide fame comes worldwide recognition, a sentiment that the actor still hasn’t got used to, despite his years in the spotlight.

“I’ll tell you what is an odd thing,” he told Radio Times, “When I went out shopping before lockdown, in my shorts, T-shirt and hat, just walking up the high street, there was a lady, I think she was French, who would sit outside a pavement café and used to shout at me, ‘Oh, it’s you, Barnaby!’

“It was really weird. You’re walking along thinking, ‘What time will I go to football?’ and someone says, ‘You’re Barnaby!’ And you go, ‘Oh, no, I’m not.’”

He added: “You forget who you are in the eyes of other people. And when you encounter that, it jolts you. It’s quite adislocated sensation.”

Neil’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

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