Nancy Pelosi was calm, cool & collected as she saved democracy on January 6th

The January 6th Committee has consistently done a great job exhibiting their case to the American people. I know the substance is what’s important, but smart packaging means that more people can follow what’s happening. One of the smartest things the committee has done is intersperse testimony with skillfully produced videos, showing exact timelines of, say, Josh Hawley running like a coward when violent terrorists breached the Capitol, or a Capitol Police officer saving Mitt Romney’s life.

When the committee reconvened on Thursday, they played a video of what Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was doing after she was removed from the floor as terrorist breached the building. Speaker Pelosi was one of the first people – along with Mike Pence – removed by security from the floor. She was taken to one of the safe rooms, likely in the basement. You can see House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer with her at various points, plus Democratic Senate leadership in the form of Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator James Clyburn. A couple of hours into the terrorist attack, you can also see Mitch McConnell standing with her in the safe room.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Speaker Pelosi stayed calm and focused. She knew the importance of formalizing Joe Biden as winner of the election. She also knew she was a sitting duck as a violent terrorist mob hunted for her in the building, wanting to assassinate her. And she knew that there was a power vacuum – Donald Trump was not ordering any security to come in and protect Congressmen. None of Trump’s people (all of those “Acting Secretaries”) were ordering in reinforcements either. The fact that Speaker Pelosi stepped into the leadership vacuum and began calling the DC Mayor, Gov. Northam of Virginia (who sent in National Guardsmen) and Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland tells you a lot about what Trump was NOT doing.

These were democratically elected officials, under siege and facing a violent, murderous terrorist mob, and they kept calm and problem-solved and began making calls. The truth is, Trump left them to die. Regardless of whether Trump incited the terrorist attack – which he did – what he did as the terrorism was UNFOLDING was also a crime. He sat on his fat ass in the White House and rooted for his terrorists to murder Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and all of them.

Something else happened during yesterday’s committee hearing – the committee unanimously voted to subpoena Donald Trump. This will be a while ordeal and I don’t expect him to turn up.

Bonus Speaker Pelosi:

— House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s just-revealed response to the prospect of former President Trump potentially marching to the Capitol on January 6th.

— The Recount (@therecount) October 14, 2022

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