Miranda Lambert 911 Call: Witness Claims Singer Is ‘Trying To Hit People’ During Alleged Salad Fight

911 calls for Miranda Lambert’s alleged salad-dumping altercation have just been released! Listen to the worried callers here!

After news broke about an altercation at a steakhouse in Nashville, Tennessee on Feb. 10 in which Miranda Lambert allegedly dumped a salad on a woman, audio recording of two 911 calls made in response have since been released. In the first 911 call made by an employee at the Stoney River Steakhouse, the caller says, “Miranda Lambert, who just ran out the door, got into it with another couple, I guess. I’m just… I’m just sorry. My manager just said call 911 and that he wants the police here right now.”

After describing the parties involved in the altercation, the caller goes on to say, “Something happened in the restaurant between these two gentlemen. And another gentlemen walked up to her table, and cussing them out… And that’s the third time they’ve gotten into it. And now Miranda’s trying to hit people, and she’s flipping plates over on ’em.” Listen to the 911 recordings here.

One of the other 911 callers, also an employee, told authorities, “I need cops here right now. There are some guys about to fight in my restaurant. I need cops here right now… One is saying that he’s a cop, and the other’s saying he works for Homeland Security.” The caller later admits that he’s trying to stand between the two gentlemen involved, and you can hear a woman’s voice in the background saying “Get our check and let’s go.” In the end, he calls the altercation a complete “disruption” of the restaurant.

Apparently, the altercation started when the older gentleman, who claimed to be working for Homeland Security, alleged “picked a fight” with Miranda’s friend, the one claiming to be a cop, in the men’s room by making a joke about millennials and their phones. And from there, things erupted to the point where eyewitnesses told TMZ that Miranda had to be held back after the older gentleman approached their table. Miranda had also been dining with her mom, who can also be seen in videos obtained by TMZ depicting the chaos and the manager calling the cops.

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