Michelle Williams’ narration of Britney Spears’ memoir is Oscar-worthy

It has to be said, (the white) Michelle Williams was the perfect choice to narrate Britney Spears’ memoir, The Woman in Me. When the news came out several weeks ago, Michelle made a statement about how she “stands with Britney,” and you can tell that Michelle really means it. She is really great at book narration, specifically for Britney’s whole vibe. Basically, everyone believes that Michelle will win a Grammy for this. Note: Michelle doesn’t actually have an Oscar or a Tony, although she’s been nominated for both. She does have an Emmy, so she’s well on her way to EGOTing. These are some clips of Michelle’s narration which have made the rounds:

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The clip where Britney has written about Justin Timberlake’s cultural appropriation/AAVE is fascinating and Michelle does an Oscar-worthy line reading. It gets to something which people talk about all the time, which is that Justin is a culture-vulture while Britney just isn’t. Britney’s awareness of JT’s behavior is really interesting too.

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