Michael Jackson estate stops man from selling stolen personal items

Michael Jackson’s estate wins injunction stopping man formerly engaged to sister La Toya Jackson from selling items allegedly stolen from the late pop icon’s home

  • A judge ordered La Toya Jackson’s former fiancé to halt sales of Jackson’s items
  • Jeffre Phillips was accused of stealing personal items from Jackson’s home just days after the pop star’s death
  • The estate claimed Phillips made off with the pop star’s iPhone, pills, clothes, home videos and even his deathbed pajamas
  • The lawyers said they had received a tip in December from an auctioneer claiming Phillips was trying to sell clothes he said belonged to the singer
  • Although the lawyers said they’ve been able to retrieve some of the items, they believe Phillips has more, including music written and recorded by Jackson

Michael Jackson’s estate scored a legal victory Tuesday in its attempts to stop a man who spent time in one of the singer’s homes from selling allegedly stolen items.

A judge has issued a preliminary injunction forbidding Jeffre Phillips from selling any items he took from Jackson’s home in 2009, court documents obtained by TMZ reveal.

Phillips, who is the former fiancé of Michael’s sister La Toya Jackson, 66, has been accused by the late singer’s estate of stealing items from Jackson’s home shortly after his death on June 25, 2009, at age 50. 

Legal victory: Michael Jackson’s estate won a preliminary injunction preventing a man formerly engaged to his sister La Toya Jackson from selling items he allegedly stole from Jackson’s mansion after his death in 2009 at age 50; seen in 2005

The estate has accused Phillips of rummaging through Jackson’s Carolwood estate in the commotion following his shocking death, which was allegedly aided by his connection to La Toya.

According to the estate, Phillips was able to steal multiple personal and intimate items while staying at the home for nine days.

Among the items he’s accused of taking without permission are Jackson’s iPhone, his California driver’s license, hand-written notes from the Thriller singer and even prescription pill bottles.

Jackson’s death was caused by an overdose of propofol, a medication that is traditionally used as part of general anesthesia.

The drug was administered by Jackson’s personal physician Conrad Murray, who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson the drug to help him sleep. 

Theft: Film producer Jeffre Phillips, right, the former fiancé of La Toya Jackson, left, was accused of stealing personal items over a nine-day stretch at his Carolwood mansion after his death; seen in 2014

Morbid: Among the possessions allegedly stolen were pajamas Jackson wore hours before his death and a resuscitator tube that may have been used on him before his death; seen in 2005

Other items allegedly stolen included some of Jackson’s clothing.

‘In extremely appalling and inhumane act, Phillips even stole the pajamas Jackson was wearing in the final hours of his life,’ the lawyers claimed in filings from June.

‘And Phillips stole a resuscitator tube that seems to have been used on Jackson by those who were trying to save Jackson’s life in the short and frantic period before his passing.’

The accusations filed against Phillips came the day before the 13th anniversary of Jackson’s death on June 25.

Fighting back: Jackson’s estate filed legal documents in June demanding Phillips return items that he was allegedly trying to sell to an auction house. Pictured: Michael Jackson holding a news conference in London, in 2009, just three months before his death  

Stolen: The lawyers claim that while inside Jackson’s Carolwood mansion (pictured) Phillips made off with several items, including the King of Pop’s deathbed Pajamas 

Timely: The allegations come just before the 13th anniversary of Jackson’s death. Pictured: mourner Christine Tucker placing a memorial in Jackson’s bedroom in 2011

Jackson’s estate claims they received a tip back in December 2021 that Phillips was attempting to auction off items belonging to the late singer. 

In an attempt to vouch for the items’ authenticity, Phillips allegedly admitted to the auctioneer that the items were taken in the days following Jackson’s death while he was at the mansion. 

To verify the items, the auctioneer reached out to the estate, letting them know that he had a pair of sunglasses allegedly to Jackson that Phillips allegedly claimed still had ‘makeup on it from his face.’  

Jackson’s lawyers said they have been able to retrieve some of the items Phillips allegedly took, but believe that the man is still in possession of home videos and music the singer had written and recorded before his death.

The estate ultimately asked the court to order Phillips to return any and all property that he allegedly took from Jackson’s home. 

Lawyers for Phillips could not be immediately reached for comment.  

Separate ways: News that Phillips and La Toya were dating broke out just months after Jackson’s death. The couple were engaged in 2013, but split two years later 

Tip: An auctioneer alerted Jackson’s estate that Phillips had given him a pair of sunglasses that still had ‘makeup on it form his face’ as he tried to sell the allegedly stolen items in December

At the scene: The auctioneer told Jackson’s lawyers that Phillips vouched for the item’s authenticity because he stayed at the $25 million LA mansion for nine days following Jackson’s death

Legal docs: The lawyers demanded that Phillips return all the alleged stolen property

News of Phillips’ relationship with La Toya Jackson broke out in the fall of 2009, months after Jackson died on June 25. 

Phillips had proposed to La Toya in 2013, with many outlets speculating that the two had actually gotten married in December of that year, rumors that were squashed by La Toya herself. 

The two remained engaged until suddenly breaking things off in 2015, TMZ reported. They had remained close friends, but their current relationship is unknown.   

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