Michael Bolton, 65, Falls Asleep During Live TV Interview — See Hilarious Video

Michael Bolton couldn’t stay awake when he was waiting to connect to a live TV interview with an Australian morning show and the amusing moment was all caught on film!

It looks like someone didn’t hit the SNOOZE button! Michael Bolton, 65, seemed to fall asleep while giving a live TV interview via satellite from Florida to The Morning Show in Australia on Feb. 4. The singer was amusingly caught with his eyes closed as he was waiting for the interview to start and when hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies finally connected with him and said their introduction, he kept his eyes closed and didn’t respond.

“As always, we’re looking forward to talking to the great man Michael Bolton, who joins us now live from Florida,” one of the hosts said. “Good morning and welcome back to the show.” When Michael kept his eyes closed and didn’t answer, they tried again. “Hi Michael,” they began. “It’s Kylie and Larry. Qe’re with you live.” To be fair though, when he finally did respond, he seemed to be having trouble hearing them. “It’s gone silent,” he quietly muttered before nodding off again. Larry and Kylie kept the awkward situation lighthearted when they told their viewers they’d be back with him after they looked into technical difficulties. “Maybe he’s on Instagram,” they joked before cutting off the live video.

Luckily, Michael did eventually connect with the Australian show and gave an informative and entertaining interview about his iconic music career. “I can hear you perfectly,” he confidently said in the beginning of the second attempt.

Michael gave the interview to promote his new album, A Symphony of Hits, on which he performed some of his biggest hits while backed up by an orchestra. “[It was] very emotional,” he said to the hosts. “I was surprised at how emotional I got because the songs do go back a lot of time and years, but they’re to the core of who I am.”

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