Miami Heat is creating a section for fans who are vaccinated

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Good news for those who’ve gotten the juice, the Miami Heat has a special seat just for you! The basketball club just announced they are reserving a special section of their American Airlines Arena for those who can show proof they’ve been vaccinated 14 days or more prior to game. That’s better than an American Airlines flight! The Heat are the first team to put this into place after the NBA approved separate sections for those who’ve been vaccinated. There will still be required COVID-19 precautions, even for the Vaxx-IP section, but they are less strict. All of this is just another step close to life as we once lived it. But it’s a safe and healthy step.

Miami Heat fans who are vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to sit in a special section for games beginning on April 1.

The team told the Associated Press Tuesday that two sections in the lower bowl of the American Airlines Arena will be dedicated to fully vaccinated fans.

The Heat is the first team to implement a vaccine section, just a week after the NBA told teams they could do these special sections in accordance with local and state health and safety guidelines, per AP.

Vaccinated spectators who choose to be in those sections will have to show proof that their final vaccine was administered at least 14 days prior to the game they attend.

COVID-19 precautions will still be enforced, but at a more lenient level.

Those fans will still have to wear masks and be brought through a separate entrance. There also will only be one seat dividing groups, as opposed to several seats that socially distance non-vaccinated fans.

If the vaccinated sections are within 30 feet of the court, those people also have to take a PCR test two days before the game or an antigen test the day of the game.

Unfortunately, due to guidelines, children unable to get vaccinated are not eligible to be in the vaccinated-only sections for Miami Heat games even if their parents are.

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States are so varied in their COVID journey, it makes conversations interesting. I was talking to my friend in Atlanta who’s been fully vaccinated for a while because she qualifies as her mom’s caregiver. She was teasing me because she’d just been notified that 16 and up qualify in her area while I may – may – qualify by the 4th of July. Now that things are moving forward for everyone, I have no more vaccine envy, though. I’m genuinely thrilled every time someone gets the poke. So perks like a vaccinated only section seem really cool to me. The closer we can get to coming together, the better. As long as people are being smart about it, I say go for it. And honestly, anyone in Miami actually following proper protocol deserves a reward right now.

I assume the proof that the Miami Heat is requesting is the vaccine card issued once a person gets their shot. These cards are going to be very important for some time so get used to having it with you. It’ll almost definitely be required for travel and there will be many activities that end up asking for them. So store them where you keep your other important documents. Plus, God willing we won’t have another pandemic and they become collectors’ items, something you’ll want to show future generations. I don’t know if you guys know who Michael McKean is. He’s made a name for himself in much more current shows like Better Call Saul but I knew him first as Lenny on Laverne & Shirley. He recently posted a pic of his Polio vaccine card on Twitter. I know it’s hard to believe, but some day, this will all be so far in our rear-view mirrors, someone’s going to say, “Gran? Tell about the time when you all had to stay inside for a year… “

A post shared by Miami HEAT (@miamiheat)

A post shared by Miami HEAT (@miamiheat)

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