Meghan Markle Wants Amal Clooney Style Birth

Meghan Markle wants to have an Amal Clooney style birth when she delivers her first baby.

And both she and Prince Harry want to have a similar ‘Hollywood lifestyle’ as their famous friends George Clooney and his stunning wife.

George and Amal famously attended the Royal wedding last year and Meghan has become very close to the British lawyer who delivered twins. reported how the former Suits star has snubbed the Queen’s doctors and wants a female to deliver her baby.

And the UK Sun On Sunday newspaper is now reporting that Meghan’s baby will be born in the Kensington wing of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital — where George Clooney’s wife had her twins.

Human rights lawyer Amal gave birth to daughter Ella and son at the Kensington wing in June 2017.

While Harry and Meghan have been following some ‘New Age’ advice from Amal as they prepare for the arrival of their first child.

They have visited a separate wellness centre in west London for “gong-bathing” sessions — where participants listen to sounds and vibrations aimed at reducing tension.

Feminist Meghan wants to go with one of the Kensington wing’s female consultants for her birth.

Top doctors Charlotte Deans, Mina Savvidou and Natasha Singh are all in the running to deliver the seventh in line to the throne.

Amal, 41, was instrumental in making her opt for the Kensington wing where natural birthing packages cost $20,000.

One well-placed source said: “Meghan has chosen the ward for two reasons.

“Firstly, they have a lot of top female obstetricians and midwives and she really wants a woman to deliver her baby.

“The other is because they support alternative birthing methods and give the parents a lot of choice before, during and after the birth.

“It is also, of course, very private, and seen as one of the safest places Meghan can give birth.”

But it is not just with the birth that Meghan and Harry are copying the Hollywood star and his glamorous wife.

Meghan wants to live just like the Clooneys and Royal insiders are worried that Meghan will blow through too much cash.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have spent over $400,000 on the interiors of Frogmore Cottage, their new mansion in Windsor.

Which is problematic as Harry’s annual salary is only around $230,000 a year while his American wife only wants the best when it comes to fashion and lifestyle.

The Royal couple raised eyebrows when they blew a reported $40,000 on a “babymoon” at exclusive five-star Heckfield Place country house hotel in Hampshire recently.

One courtier said: “The Duke has to appreciate that he cannot touch the capital without severe consequences to their income.

They’ll be broke within a year if they try to spend like their millionaire celebrity friends.”

And Meghan is determined to become a fashion icon just like Amal no matter the cost.

Meghan’s $10,000-a-time designer outfits and her $1million jewel collection have also been a drain on the couple’s financial resources.

A source said: “Only the clothes she wears on official overseas visits are paid for by the Foreign Office, everything else they pay for themselves.”

The Duchess, worth £8million from her acting career, is due to pay a big US tax bill this month.

A friend said: “It takes in earnings from the show Suits in the US plus all the benefits in kind she has amassed.”

And insiders are worried that her spending could get out of control and put pressure on their marriage.

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