Meghan Markle Reportedly Considering Home Birth, But What Are The Risks? Doctor Speaks

Meghan Markle’s due date isn’t the only thing under wraps! It’s still unclear where she will have her baby, but sources say the royal may opt for a home birth. A doctor spoke to HL EXCLUSIVELY about possible dangers.

Meghan Markle, 37, has broken royal tradition plenty of times before, so what’s to stop her from doing it again? The mom-to-be may decide to do a home birth, sources tell Vanity Fair. Either that or she might opt for a hospital in Windsor, which is where she and her husband Prince Harry, 34, will reportedly be living by her spring due date. But it sounds like whichever option they choose, it definitely won’t be the private maternity wing where Prince William, 36, and Kate Middleton, 36, welcomed all three of their little ones! That may have worked well for Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 3, and Prince Louis, 7 months, but their little cousin could be born right at home instead. Dr. Lina Burke-Galloway, board-certified OB-GYN and author, spoke to EXCLUSIVELY about why that choice may be a dangerous one.

Women who have a history of twin, breach or C-section pregnancies, should steer clear of home births, she explained, but since this is Meghan’s first pregnancy, those risks wouldn’t apply to her. That being said, the fact that this is her first pregnancy also puts her more at risk. Not only has she never given birth before, but “her age and being a woman of color would be risk factors, as well” Dr. Burke-Galloway said. Women of color have a higher chance of suffering from preeclampsia, the same pregnancy complication that led Kenya Moore, 47, into an early labor last month. This is characterized by high blood pressure, swollen feet and signs of damage to the liver and kidneys, but even if this complication hasn’t shown up in Meghan’s pregnancy yet, it could still be at risk later on.

On top of that, the doctor revealed that one to two women in the country out of a thousand have significant complications while giving birth. “So if someone is going to have a home birth, it should be done near a hospital,” she said. In the safest scenario, hospital aside, Meghan’s midwife would be able to assess how the baby was doing through fetal monitoring, and then have access to a facility in case of an emergency.

Hopefully, Meghan is made aware of all of her options — and risk factors — before she makes any final decisions about her birthing plan. But we’re sure she’ll be taken care of no matter where she delivers her baby. She is a royal, after all!

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